Elena Pavlenko
Západočeská univerzita v Plzni


As a topic for my bachelor thesis I chose sport boats. In my hometown, there are many boats and yachts. Vessels have become my passion so I wanted to design my own concept of a boat. The reason for choosing this topic was the curiosity of being able to create such a complex design. The purpose of my work was to create a formally innovative ship, which will appear pleasant and functional. Thus thanks to the consultations at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Applied Sciences, I've been able to solve the functionality of the vessel. Another aim was to make the model in a 1:20 scale in real colors and then visualization of the design. The first part I did, was the market research then I started to look for inspiration in a nature and a sci-fi. I named my project "Manta" because I was inspired by this water's animal, which is a kind of a stingray who is able to fly over the water. In my theme; a motorboat, I had to go through boats already built of established companies, whether they are in the Czech Republic or even abroad. I studied the possibilities of moving in a water. The wing ships were an inspiration for me, the wing ship is a special kind of vessel that looks like a normal ship with added wings submerged under surface of water. While steering this kind of a boat it responds differently than a common boat and when reaching the required speed the hull rises above the water and lies on the wings. The boat has less water resistance, it's faster and the shape of the hull doesn't matter, more importantly is the deployment and shape of the wings The boat is a combination of a recreational and sporty type. The production process also involves the production of the model. Therefore my bachelor thesis is about showing the development of power boat from idea through sketches, 3D visualizations, 1:20 model. In addition, I made a display on the dashboard to control the electronics. The boat is driven by the display and the steering wheel. The instrument panel has a navigation system, all boat controls are integrated in the touch screen with enhanced features, which you navigate the boat. For example, the electrical anchor controls and the pull-out attachments to the rope tie. The Helmsman (ship's conductor) can see data from GPS navigation, surface radar, underwater sonar, as well as digital graphics, lighting parameters, and entertainment news through the touch screen. The seats are designed according to ergonomic dimensions, they are adjustable and swivelable. The whole interior is linked to the morphology of the entire ship design, the front seats are located from both sides of the steering wheel closer to the panel. When conducting, the Helmsman usually stands, because of a wave turbulences. In the back seats can accommodate four passengers and there is a storage integrated under those seats. On the sides in-between the Helmsman and the back seats, there are folding tables. I would also like to mention the materials used as there are important for this work. The whole ship is made of a carbon fiber and another composite technologies based on material properties.