Outdoor children's bench

a set of three benches for common seating

A single module - a bench - can be used as a standalone object or as a set of three benches for common seating. The bench can be used in public spaces (parks, squares, etc.), especially in playgrounds (public or in schools and kindergartens). The bench consists of a seat and a table. A combination of three benches creates a larger round table with a diameter of 500 mm. The table can be used as a storage space, food and drink placement or children can use a table to paint and play together. The basis of shaping is the use of simple geometric shapes, especially circular shapes. The shape of the seat and the table is connected to each other. The shape of the table is a third of the circle, the seat is finished with a semicircle and there are circular holes in the seat. Its shape resembles an animal and creates a place to sit together. Thus, it creates a single thematic style for the playground, aesthetizes the public space and benefits the child's communication skills. Most existing children's benches differ from benches for adults only in size and color. Most existing benches either have no table or have a table separately from the bench. Today, most playgrounds have the same style solutions and rarely child benches create a theme for space organization. The bench can be used by both children and adults, all thanks to sophisticated ergonomics. Size: 973 × 486, h. 682. Net: 10 kg. Materials used: steel and composite material.