Future Transport Vehicle 2045

As a topic for my diploma thesis, I decided to propose several predictions for the year 2045 and to develop one of them. I defined four possible directions for four-wheel vehicles. Three of them are more conventional. Such kinds of cars are usually proposed by students and automotive brands. I call them 1st Conventional, 2nd Natural evolution and 3rd Mobility room. I, however, wanted to suggest something completely different with a driving-focused feeling. The last 4th group is, therefore, called Dreams and it is the chosen area for this thesis. I named my project ŠKODA ME. The concept is based on an X-shaped platform part and a separate individual dress which you can use like a backpack, chair or you can plug it into the platform. The dress is body-specific and it is produced as a unique part. The fidelity of ŠKODA ME is approximately between a sculpture and a concept study. I wanted to make the design credible and proportional. Diploma thesis was done in cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO. Key words: Dress Your Car, Cigar Era, Predictions 2045, Material & Proportions, Sculpture, It is me, Touch the Road, Touch Reality, Flexible, Suit/Sport Dress, Cyborg, Naive/Romantic, Spine, Dream, Symbiosis, Structure, Out of Real Life, It is my pet, Fashion, Life Style, Community, Individual, Technology, My Vision, Infrastructure, Selfish, Iconic shape, Vision You can find more information in pdf attachement. Physical model: 80x45x15cm, 5kg, 3D print