Capsule collection of sandals

The name cauldron comes from the video game called Horizon Zero Dawn. Cauldrons are underground facilities where machines are built automatically. They are very dark and cold places. Lit with blue lights where humans rarely set foot in. The process of creation of these machines is accompanied by methodical humming of mechanized production. The mentioned video game was not the only inpiration drawn from while creating the capsule collection of Cauldron sandals. My aim was to create robust luxurious sandals for wearing in city enviromenment. However, the materials used for upper and anti-slip rubber sole should withstand harder conditions and coupled with socks, the sandals could be worn even in the colder weather. While designing the sandals, I focused on angular, precise shapes that would induce the feeling of detachment of human touch. The sandals are fully adjustable thanks to velcro straps and Fidlock magnetic buckles. For the upper I chose waxed bull leather with somewhat worn out qualities. Black is accompanied by cold blue which creates contrast and distinguishes individual parts. The lining is made of black sheep leather. The upper sits on heavy rubber sole with additional “bumpers” on toes and heels. The prototypes are handmade using luxurious materials and traditional shoemaking techniques. The reference used for picking Fidlock buckles were shiny oiled hydraulic pistons of heavy excavators and diggers. Other refences were luxury sandals by Rick Owens, inustrial music by Nine Inch Nails or techno dark techno music of Clouds. The emotions I wished my sandals to evoke are coldness, detachment, precision, robustness.