Set for making homemade alternative breads

Set offers a simple and compact solution for people who want to eat from healthy, naturally gluten-free and low carboidate foods. My aim is to return the preparation and baking of bread in the home in a different and healthier way. The Set consists of a container in which bread can be bake and then stored. On one side, it serves as a baking pot and, after turning it, as the top part of the breadcrumbed. This is supplemented by a wooden breadboard with a groove into which the bowl fits. The breadboard serves as the bottom of the breadbasket and as a serving mat. The set includes two measuring cups based on the principle of pot recipes. From a practical point of view, they are divided into loose and liquid ingredients. Their inner wall is equipped with the volume lines needed to prepare alternative bread recipes. The total set is complemented by a cookbook with my ten favorite recipes. Porcelain jar and chopping board from Beech wood communicate with each other, both in shape and material. The graphic design of the décor is based on my handwriting and is used for a set and a cookbook.